A Tour of Fortnite’s New Island


The map and island as you knew them are totally gone. Chapter 2 brought much more than a new Battle Pass and new Outfits to collect with it. It also brought a whole new map with 10 completely new locations, and three locations that you are already familiar with. Get to know a little more of what you will find in each of those locations.


There are dozens of landmarks to discover that do not appear as named places in the map. They are usually places with some points of interest and loot. Think of them as places similar to the way Adobe Village existed in the previous map – although it had a name and was a good landing spot, the name itself didn’t appear on the map.

Craggy Cliffs

While there are several houses you can loot in this area, the big attraction is the new Sticks restaurant. It is huge, so you can not only find some chests and weapons there, but you can also farm quite a lot of materials too.

Steamy Stacks

Steamy Stacks is the power plant for the island. The main area is comprised of two huge reactor towers, which you can use to relaunch yourself into the air, and three main buildings. While navigating the buildings might be confusing at first, you will be able to find all you will need for your fights inside them – including an Upgrade station.

Dirty Docks

Dirty Docks is a huge shipyard located in the East part of the map. As with many new areas of this type, you will find huge warehouses and a few factories to loot and explore here. You can usually spot a chest or two while landing. The area is great for farming materials, like metal and stone. You will also find a good number of items, chests and ammo boxes all hidden inside the containers.

Weeping Woods

Just like in Lonely Lodge, the watchtower to the west of the main area of Weeping Woods can be a great place to land, since there are usually few other players inside the top area and along the staircase.

Holly Hedges

Holly Hedges appears to be a regular small residential neighbourhood with a huge gardening shop right in the middle of it. Inside the shop itself you will find some good loot and chests. You can land on the rooftops for added safety if you see too many other players to the area.

Sweaty Sands

There is a hotel in Sweaty Sands, so aim here during your landing. You will have the higher ground and there are a ton of rooms to explore in order to equip yourself. You can also farm materials while moving through it.

Frenzy Farm

Frenzy Farm is a new location that reminds us a lot of the old Fatal Fields: huge cornfields filled with loot, an enormous house in the middle of the area, silos and even a barn where you can find some good chests. If you liked landing in Fatal Fields, give the area a try.

Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows reminds us a lot of Happy Hamlet. It is another big village with lots of stores, two-story buildings and all contained within a quite compact area. There is also a clocktower, which means there is the chance of a chest spawning on top of it. If you liked landing in Happy Hamlet, you might get a familiar feeling landing here.

Lazy Lake

The shops in the area are huge, and you can usually find more than enough loot here. During landing, you will have a clear view of the rooftops, making it easier to spot chests and other high-quality loot. There is a lot of hidden loot inside the central group of buildings – it will take a while before we know the best route in this area and it is worth landing here.

Slurpy Swamp

You can explore the inside of the Slurp factory for some chests spread around the area and some loot on the floor. It is particularly funny exploring the Slurp factory now that Slurp Juice is no longer in the game.

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