Animal Crossing New Horizons – Nook’s Cranny Tips & Tricks


Animal Crossing New Horizons – Nook’s Cranny Tips & Tricks

Need to buy or sell an item? There is no better place than Nook’s Cranny! With a wide variety of unique items to purchase each day, including tools, flowers and useful accessories. Nook’s Cranny is your island’s one-stop shop. Run by brothers Timmy and Tommy, you will find a variety of useful amenities here.

Building Nook’s Cranny

Think it’s time Timmy and Tommy moved out of Tom Nook’s tent? After paying off your moving fees, you can help them along by gathering and donating a whole bunch of materials that they ask for (30 softwood, 30 wood, 30 hardwood and 30 iron nuggets). You will then have the chance to decide where the new shop will go, and must only wait one day before it is open for business.

A Further Upgrade

After the store has been open for at least 30 days and you have made 200,000 Bells worth of transactions there (buying or selling), the twins will have the opportunity to renovate it into a much more sleek and modern store, with a further expanded inventory. Make sure to keep speaking with Timmy and Tommy and supporting their endeavours so you can help make their dreams become a reality.

Store Displays

Nook’s Cranny is fully equipped with all kinds of display cases for different types of goods. Here we will explain exactly what each one displays so you will know what to keep your eyes on while shopping.

Small Item Displays

In the front display on the blue shelf, two random items that are 1x1 block or smaller will be available for purchase each day. You can buy as many of these as you want!

Large Item Displays

Up the staircase will be three larger furniture items, but there are in limited stock! If you see something you like, you will need to act fast. It won’t be there tomorrow and you will only get to buy one. This is also where wall furniture may show up.

Luxury Item Display (Upgraded store only)

The furniture found on the far right of the large items display will always be a luxury item. That means whatever is on this spot to going to cost quite a lot of Bells. This is also where you will tend to find the biggest furniture.

Seasonal Item Display (Upgraded store only)

Near the front of the store, just left of the doorway, there is an open space that might not have anything. Keep your eyes peeled for the start of a season. There is a chance that special limited seasonal items like surfboards might show up.

The Cabinet

On the right-hand side of the store by the cash register, there is the cabinet, which holds all the everyday essentials. In the upgraded Nook’s Cranny, there is everything from basic tools, flower seeds and even medicine. The exact items change daily, but here is a list of their basic types:

  • Two types of each tool, one flimsy and one standard durability
  • Two umbrellas
  • Medicine
  • Nine flowers
  • Two saplings and your native fruit
  • Nine recipes
  • Miscellaneous tools
  • Eight wallpapers and eight floorings

Drop-off Box

Nook’s Cranny features a handy Drop-off Box outside the store; items you place in it will be sold overnight and you will receive the Bells the next day. This is especially useful if you find yourself with items to sell after the pair have closed up for the day. However, it comes with two substantial drawbacks: first and foremost, all goods will sell for 20% less than they would if sold inside. Secondly, Turnips cannot be deposited into the Drop-off Box, since the twins need to check their current price before accepting them. Generally, selling to Timmy and Tommy face-to-face is the better option, unless you are in a real hurry.

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