Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Storage


Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Storage


If you want to build an island paradise, then you will need to know how to properly manage and store your materials and items. Let's take a look at the various ways of storing all those lovely items you will find, catch or create! 



Your pockets are your characters’ primary inventory space. Here you will find all the items that you have collected while playing. Initially you will only be able to carry a maximum of 20 items, but this can be increased up to 40 with the use of the Pocket Organisation Guide and Ultimate Pocket Stuffing, both of which you should redeem Nook Miles for as soon as they become available. After you have opened your Pockets Menu, you can use the directional pad to move the cursor to a new item and see its name. Once you have found the item you want, press A to view its possible uses and choose the option you would like to use. 


Pressing left or right on the directional pad will allow you to quickly scroll through which ever tools you have stored in your pockets. The order in which you will pull out these tools is completely dependent on where they are stored in your pockets. For instance, the item kept in the leftmost slot in the top row will always come out first, while the item kept in the slot furthest to the right on the bottom row will always come last. Additionally, if you press down on the directional pad to put a tool away, pressing either right or left will always pull out the last tool you put away first. So long as you keep your inventory neat and orderly, you will always be able to know what tool you are going to pull out. 


Home Storage 

if you find yourself burdened with items that you have no immediate use for but don't want to throw away, the best option you have is to put them in storage. While not every item is able to be placed in home storage, the vast majority can be safely and permanently stored there. Once you have upgraded your tent to a proper house, you will be able to access your storage by going inside your home and pressing right on the directional pad. Here you can deposit any suitable item by selecting it in your pockets and choosing to put it in storage. You can initially store up to 80 items, but this can be upgraded to 1600 items through home renovations. If you start running out of pocket space, don't hesitate to store any items you aren't going to be using here. 


Bell Wallet

Your personal Bell Wallet can always be found in the bottom left corner of your Pockets Menu. By hovering the cursor over your bells and pressing A, you can pull out either 100 bells, 1000 bells, 10,000 bells, or the whole sum of the wallet, and convert it into an inventory item. This bag of bells can be buried or sent to other residents just like any other item, and can be put away back in your wallet at any time by selecting it with the cursor and pressing A. This can be especially useful for transferring bells between players either as a gift or as part of a trade. 


The Bell Wallet can hold up to 99,000 bells at once. While this is a lot if you are just looking to do some casual shopping, it is still relatively little compared to the amount of bells you will be handling once your community is thriving and you are paying off the last of your debts. Any bells you acquire beyond the maximum will become a new separate bag in your inventory that itself can contain up to 99,000 bells. This means it is possible to carry around millions of bells at a time but doing so will quickly clutter up your inventory. Always deposit the excess into your savings account at the Nook Stop to clear up pocket space and start gaining interest on your fortune.


Home Storage Upgrades

Base House: 80 Storage Capacity – 98,000 loan

Upgrade 1: 120 Storage Capacity – 198,000 loan

Upgrade 2: 240 Storage Capacity – 348,000 loan

Upgrade 3: 320 Storage Capacity – 548,000 loan

Upgrade 4: 400 Storage Capacity – 758,000 loan

Upgrade 5: 800 Storage Capacity – 1,248,000 loan

Upgrade 6: 1600 Storage Capacity – 2,498,000 loan


Unstorable Items

  • Bells
  • Potted Plants
  • Turnips
  • DIY Recipes
  • Unopened Presents


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