Roblox First-Person Shooters & Adventure Games Guide


Roblox First-Person Shooters & Adventure Games Guide


Hunt down target and enemies, complete missions, set high scores and dodge danger as you focus on becoming a shooting star.


Take aim and get involved. The natures of FPSs means that you see the screen just as your avatar does. You get a great view, but some expert gamers still prefer a third person angle and will zoom out and change the perspective.


Use a target sighting option if the FPS game has one to improve aim and accuracy. This is also known as aim down sights (ADS). Take every option you can to upgrade weapons and improve your arsenal. Teamwork can be vital in FPS games. The Call of Roblox game requires teaming up in squads to take down NPC enemies and collect rewards for wiping out waves of attacks. Keep communication channels open with your team.


Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is the boss of FPS games. With over 700 million visits and thousands of users online at the same time, it is a frantic shoot ‘em up based on advanced tactics and sharp squad play as the rival phantom and ghost teams do battle.


The team with the most kills in a timed shootout wins, so it is crucial to know what to have as your primary and secondary weapons. If you are a pro shot from a distance, take a sniper rifle but don’t use the laser guide as this may alter your accuracy. Balance the sniper with a quick-fire backup (secondary) weapon, like a light machine gun.


Visits: 719 million

Date Created: August 2015

Created By: SyLiS Studios

Max Players: 32


Adventure Games

Don’t go thinking that the adventure genre is just for Roblox newbies – these games can require complex game strategies and plenty of practice!


Many of these games involve you becoming a hero and completing quests against the clock or enemies. It might just be a leaderboard-based adventure, or a simple hide and seek challenge. If you have spare Robux, spend a few coins on player upgrades and items.


Apocalypse Rising

It is all about defeating zombies in this awesome adventure game. Be aware that unless you spring, the creepy creatures in Apocalypse Rising are faster than you. And military zombies are much more dangerous than normal ones. Use a primary weapon like an AK-47, with a large magazine size that doesn’t need constant reloading.


Sprinting seems like the best way to escape zombie waves, although it will quickly reduce your Thirst and Hunger. Monitor these levels at the bottom of your screen and use speed bursts carefully.


Visits: 200.9 million

Date Created: April 2008

Created By: Gusmanak

Max Players: 10


Hide and Seek Extreme

One of the simplest adventure games, but also one of the most addictive. Watch out for the IT seeker using special tools, like glue, cameras and sprint, to hunt you down. Use bounce pads to reach high spots and hold your nerve – sometimes running away when IT is close is a bad move.


Visits: 640 million

Date Created: January 2015

Created By: Tim7775

Max Players: 14


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