Super Mario Odyssey Game Review & Tips


Super Mario Odyssey Game Review & Tips


Bowser is up to no good again and this time he has kidnapped Princess Peach to marry her in the most lavish royal wedding of the century. So, it is up to Mario to crash the wedding! But he won’t be doing it by just running and jumping on his own. He has got a new partner, Cappy – which gives a crazy new spin to Mario’s trademark red cap. By tossing Cappy around, you can capture a variety of enemies and objects, unlocking all kinds of amazing abilities that were never before possible! So, get ready for a globe-trotting 3-D platforming journey, as you power up your ship – The Odyssey – (with Power Moons) to explore stunning kingdoms. With hundreds of secrets and challenges, it is Mario’s most epic adventure yet!


Fast Fact

If you come across a character or an enemy who isn’t wearing a hat, be sure that you throw Cappy at them. You will be surprised at what happens!


Quick Tips

  • Use Your Motion Controls – Shaking the Joy-Con doesn’t just throw out Cappy – you will also be able to make higher jumps.
  • Cappy Spin – If you spin both Joy-Cons from side to side, you will easily spin Cappy around to hit all nearby enemies.
  • Get Curious – There are Power Moons hidden everywhere, so if there is any kind of object that stands out in any way, give it a quick poke!


Crazy Captures


Mario leaves the Mushroom Kingdom and explores many new exciting places, including the bustling New Donk City, which looks rather like America’s New York City. Everyone is dressed in suits and fedoras, but there is one guy you can take control of!



Yoshi may be Mario’s favourite partner, but there is an even more fearsome dinosaur sleeping in the Cascade Kingdom. Use Cappy to awaken the T-Rex with a mighty roar, and bash through walls and enemies like never before.



Pokio is a new enemy with a sharp beak – so sharp that it can peck into walls. Capture it and you can use its beak to climb all over levels, all with a simple, satisfying flick of the control stick.


Hammer Bro

Of all the classic enemies that Mario has faced, the Hammer Bro is the deadliest. So, it feels great to turn the tables and throw hammers to knock out all your enemies and break blocks.


Lava Bubble

If Mario falls into lava, he is going to get seriously burned. But when you capture a lava bubble, you can swim through the hottest things without a worry. Landing on a dry surface changes you back to normal.


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