The Best Zombie Game Apps


The Best Zombie Game Apps


We take a look at some of the best Zombie games you can play on iPhone or Android. The living dead have never been more popular. Despite the face that zombies can be pretty scary, they have also proven to be a lot of fun in the right scenarios. Whether you are battling against them with mutant plants, farming your own army of biters, or simply smashing every single one of them in sight, zombies have invaded just about every type of game you could imagine.


Age Of Zombies

Travel back in time and take on prehistoric zombie threats, including, of course, the mighty Zombie T-Rex. Age Of Zombies is super silly, there is no doubt about that, but it is also pretty amusing. A frantic twin-stick shooter, it remains simple and fun even as the waves of enemies begin to thicken.


Plants Vs. Zombies 2

This is without doubt the most successful zombie game to have ever graced mobile platforms. And it proves once and for all that just because it is a game about the living dead, it doesn’t necessarily follow that there is excessive blood and guts. This sequel to the tower defence classic adds a new time-travelling twist, seeing you travel to Ancient Egypt, the Wild West, and more. That means you have got new zombies to deal with including bull-riding zombies, robot zombies and mummified zombies.


Zombie Life

Zombie Life is a bit like The Sims, except you aren’t trying to integrate yourself into a normal community. No, here you are a travelling zombie, desperately trying to conceal your identity while you look for work, friends and entertainment. It is quite bizarre, but a very entertaining game.


Zombie Farm 2

Do you want a break from killing zombies? Then why not try farming them instead, in the aptly named Zombie Farm 2? This quirky game lets you grow and harvest your own zombies, create new hybrid monsters, and then battle your homegrown army against your friends’ creations.


Monster Dash

From the team that brought you the brilliant Jetpack Joyride comes a zombie-based endless runner with plenty of twists. Whether it is the appearance of Slimer from Ghostbusters or the traps that litter the track, you will need to stay on your toes. You will speed across rooftops as Barry Steakfries, blasting zombies as you go. Each level offers you a specific challenge, so completing the whole game will take you quite a while.


Plague Inc.

Do you think you have what it takes to infect the entire world? Plague Inc is a blast of high strategy and crazy simulation as you attempt to spread a virus all across the land. Do you have what it takes to end human history with your zombies? It is certainly fun to try.


Zombie Smasher

Sometimes the simplest of games are the most fun to play, and that is why we love Zombie Smasher. Defend your hometown with nothing but your index finger, tapping anything that moves before it can get to your front door. It is silly, but you won’t be able to put it down.


Stupid Zombies 3

It is a pretty interesting mashup of ideas, but somehow Stupid Zombies 3 makes it work. The mobile version of this series has been pretty successful, but the most recent version is without question the best yet, offering up 120 levels of chaos for you to enjoy. It is like a combination of Angry Birds and Worms, as you try to wipe out the zombies with well-placed shots. Stupid Zombies 3 is a puzzle game that also includes a whole lot of explosions.


Zombie Highway 2

It is fast, it is challenging, and it has got zombies in it – what more could you possibly ask for? Zombie Highway 2 is an endless runner of sorts, but instead of running you are shooting. Across 67 challenges, you will need to defend your vehicle against hordes of zombies in this thriller.


Zombie Castaways

Imagine if you were a zombie and you fell in love with a human – would you want to revert back to human form and go live a happy life? That is the twisted scenario Zombie Castaways lets you role-play as you farm, explore and craft your way back into humanity’s good books.


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